Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coming soon...

Last year for my birthday, I decided to do something I'd never done before, and I traveled solo to Paris. This year, I want to do 366* things I've never done before. Starting the day I turn 29 (March 26) I will do one new thing every day until I turn 30. The things I've never done can be as simple as "wear a Florida Marlins hat" or "skip across Sheep Meadow in Central Park." I'm more interested in small, interesting weird things than big things like "skydiving" or illegal things like "drugs and stealing" or completely not-me things like "tattoos."
Granted, many days could very well end with me saying, "oh no! It's 11:52pm... gotta go stand on the toilet and yodel!" I'm hoping that by putting together a list, I can avoid such randomness.
I'll keep track of the project via a weekly log on my magazine's website in addition to posts on this blog. We may encourage our magazine's readers to write in with suggestions. If anyone wants to get in on this with me, let me know! Life is short, let's make it interesting!

*2008 is a leap year. But "jen365" had a better ring to it as a url.

Feel free to post suggestions here! (but please, keep them decent!)


Brian said...

this is a brilliant idea!

Amanda said...

Okay, here are a few: choose which one you like best.

-Hug a stranger.
-Go out to eat and pretend to be someone else for the entire meal.
-Wear a prom/bridesmaid dress to work.
-Hug 20 people in an hour.
-Sing an entire song down the street at full volume.
-Go to a school play.
-Ride the train to a place that sounds funny and spend the day exploring what it has to offer.
-Call in happy to work..if we get sick days we should get happy days.

I'll keep thinking...

Michelle said...

Here's stuff I'm thinking of, but I can't sleep, so take that into account:

- I second the train trip, especially to Long Island (Ronkonkoma!) or NJ Transit (Point Pleasant!)
- Go to the batting cages at Chelsea Piers
- Go to Wu Liang Ye on Lexington and enjoy the basil pesto jellyfish appetizer
- Go to a religious service that's not of your religion


Jerell said...

-Make a grown man cry

-Kill your least worst enemy

-Cook Seoul food (get it Seoul food...)

-Make a rap album

-Film yourself reading and uploaded it on youtube

-Film someone looking over your shoulder while you're reading and uploaded it on youtube.

-Buy the most expensive junk at a yard sale.

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

Wet Noody so skeeny!

Tony Powell said...

Things you might not have done before:

Attempt to levitate an object using only your mind
Have tea at the Algonquin
Put $90,000 in cash in your freezer
Borrow $90,000 in cash
Stare into someone’s eyes for 5 full minutes (use a kitchen timer)
Eat jellyfish salad in Chinatown
Buy a subway musician’s CD
Throw a dart at a map of New York (state or city) and go there
Attend a soup kitchen poetry reading (e.g. Wednesday, 5/30, 7-9 p.m., Holy Apostles Church, W. 28th St. $ 9th Ave.)
Kiss in a summer rainstorm
Eat a hotdog at Nathan’s in Coney Island
Bet on a horserace
Have a street artist sketch you in Times Square
Cook soft-shell crabs

Angela said...

I thought of a few for you:

-I know Yoga is on your list, which you should defintely try, but what about Kick Boxing, my other favorite exercise activity.
-Attend a focus group
-Volunteer with an organization that supports a group you haven't helped before (the enviornment, animals, whatever)
-Paint a portrait of someone you know
-Sell something on eBay
-Adopt a pet-even if it's a fish.

Kathleen said...

I think you should track the visits to your blog as a NEW THING - go to, imbed the code in one of your entries, create an account, and it'll show you the number of visits and general location of the visitors. Fun way to keep track!

Jenmac said...

I think you should track the visits to your blog as a NEW THING
I'm way ahead of you.

Inna said...

you should:

1. go sky-diving
2. shave your head
3. walk a mile in someone else's shoes ... literally
4. put a message in a bottle and drop it in the hudson river...or the east river...or the gulf...or the ocean
5. pull an all-nighter

Rhea said...

Some more I can think of:
1] Spend a day in an orphanage
2] Make friends with someone you have never talked to before.
3] Try not to watch TV for an entire day(not just on vacation)
4] Spend a day without any timepiece on you(cellphone, watch etc)or even asking people what time it was etc.
I did try (4) and it sure reminded me to slow down in life. I hope you find this useful!

Anonymous said...

How about:

-Ride on an entire route of an MTA train

- Walk on a bridge

- do like that Seinfeld episode- be a low talker and order a meal that way

Anonymous said...

1 more suggestion-

create a handshake (like the baseball players do) with a friend


Inna said...

-go to a used bookstore and put a pre-paid envelope addressed to you inside a really obscure (or your favorite) book, with instructions for the person who buys it to write you a letter.

-go to the oprah show

alrdesign said...

This is great! I'm doing my own 365 day project as well, so it's inspiring to see other folks doing something similar (and sticking with it!). Maybe you can create something for my project one day (and I can reciprocate somehow).

p.s. I'm a friend of Eliza's and found out about your site through her blog.

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 things you can try that I found on the Web:

1)Beach Clean-Up on July 14, 2007!
Volunteer to help out at the Oakwood Beach Clean Up on July 14. This event is sponsored by the Natural Resources Protective Association (NPRA), which was was founded in 1977. The NPRA is dedicated to protecting wetlands and beach's in New York City. It all volunteer workforce cleans coastal shorelines, and wetlands, and it is also an advocate of protecting marine fish stocks. This opportunity is available to invidivuals and groups of all ages. For information, please call 718-987-6037.

2)Taxi Painting Party on July 21!
Come celebrate New York with Garden in Transit during their FINAL day of painting decals! The colorful decals will soon be installed on top of NYC's yellow taxicabs for 16 weeks to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the metered cab. WHO: School groups, Community Groups, all New Yorkers WHAT: The last chance to paint a Garden in Transit taxi! WHEN: July 21 from 10 am-10 pm WHERE: 149 W. 32nd St. Live music and refreshments! *The paint is permanent, please remember to wear paint clothes RSVP to:


kiwinewt said...

I'm gonna do it too! I turned 20 yesterday and decided to do it today. 366 new things before my 21st! any ideas people?? -

Tatman said...

You could buy party favors and then hand them out to people on the street and tell them that you're glad they made it there.

You could go around calling all of your friends by a different name for the day.

Devote a day off of work to just walk around town helping as many people as possible with their daily chores(i.e. opening a door for someone with their hands full, help someone pick up stuff they dropped)

Or, if you don't have any skin art then get a tattoo. Just make sure it's something you'll want to keep on you forever.

Claire said...

I know not all of these are wacky or even particularly exciting, but they are things I always tell myself I will do one day!

* Learn to do a handstand or a cartwheel. Or both.

* Go to the cinema alone.

* Create a new sandwich. Name it after yourself!

* Learn some or all of the constellations.

* Read a book of a genre you don't usually enjoy.

* Go to a salsa dance class.

* Bake a cake or make cookies for everyone where you work (or if it's a big company, everyone in your department!)

* Have a Random Acts of Kindness day - give little gifts (i.e. small boxes of chocolates or little inexpensive bunches of flowers), compliment people, help people and smile at (nearly) everyone you see!!

* Write about your ultimate dream holiday, where you'd go, who you'd go with and what you'd do.

Will keep thinking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about eating a meal consisting of 1 letter of the alphabet. ie: artichokes, apples, ale, apricots, etc... or something more tasty...


Claire said...

Have thought of another...

Create a painting on this website -

beth said...

I had a thought yesterday, when leaving the movie theater - see if you can get to be a projectionist for a show!

Claire said...

Another one (you're gonna get sick of me!)

Create or alter a page on Wikipedia!

betsyh11 said...

I don't have a suggestion for you -- at least, not yet -- but I've been reading your blog every day for a few weeks and it makes me feel good every single time. Thank you! You also have inspired me to do a similar personal project with health and fitness this winter. Twice a week I am going to try a new fitness thing I've never done, or not done for awhile (with the guidance of a trainer so I don't kill myself). So hey -- you've inspired me and made me feel happy for days on end! Well done!

Debra in TN said...

I just read about your blog on and I'm hooked! (and you will really enjoy your 30s!)

-learn to fold an origami animal;
-attend a drum circle;
-visit a store that sells nothing but exotic birds;
-Donate a pumpkin bigger than your head to your local zoo (bears and elephants love to play with them and eat them);
-go to library and look at magazines you've never heard of;
-learn to make chocolate mousse;
-attend free cultural events at local colleges/universities;
-have a hot tea tasting: buy different brands of the same kind of tea and see which one is the best;
-learn a new board game;
-walk a 1/2 marathon;
-go entire day without swearing;
-eat a fruit or vegetable you've never tried before;
-see in Elvis impersonator in concert;
-ride on the back of a motorcycle;
-learn a pop-and-lock dance move;
-make homemade pizza;
-have a festival of chocolate day at work;
-attend an opera or ballet;
-you and co-workers create a unique gift basket and auction it off at work, donate proceeds to favorite charity;
-Try Go Lean Crunch cereal;

Anonymous said...

I guess I should read your entire blog before commenting but I had to when I saw you with the mustache. And it's not like you had a little Charlie Chapman one, you had a big old, El Sagando Mexican Tequila drinker one! Well, good thing you were in New York where we're used to seeing retarded people - nice .. great idea [this whole project thingy] by the way - I, unfortunately, am too busy trying to look busy to actually do those but good luck! It doesn't help that you're attractive, I'd like to think if, say, a 'throw mama from the train' type of female tried these things they woulnd't have received as much exposure .. who knows! :)

Anonymous said...

This is great! I might have to start this on my next birthday as well! (I am turning 37) I have tried 2 new things this fall you might like to try. In the last couple of weeks I have tried operating a combine and a tractor/cultivator. We live on a grain farm in Alberta, Canada. Any farm machinery near where you live!!?? Good luck with your project, it is fun to read!

Sharona said...

I am having a 30th Birthday party/ Charity event at the Standard to in Hollywood Dec. 1 -07.
How about a 20 minute set and you get to be DJ for 20 minutes. The music will be mashup or fun elctro stuff so borrow someone's vynal do a little practice run, fly/ drive out and come out and spin. LOL
***I am from SD too so we are 619 Sisters :).

Janani said...


This is great! I am inspired by you and would like to try it out too. Just signed up for my first blog and am looking forward to a year of new experiences. Hope to keep reading about your experiences.


Scott said...

Hmmm...I'm approaching 30 as well and I like the sound of this.

Let's see here, I really want to suggestion something. Hmmm...let me think here for a second............o.k. this just came to me as I took a drink out of my cup. If the nasal cavity is connected to our throats can we drink a glass of water throuhg our nose? Silly yes. Attractive no.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Whoops- I already left a suggestion for pre-sliced bananas right after the last post. But here are some more.

-The next time someone hugs you, don't let go.
-Hand out quarters on the street, pretending it is a lot of money.
-Wear a sign that says "free hugs" and see what happens.
-Thank a veteran
-wear your jeans backwards
-write an actual snail-mail letter to a friend or family member
-pay the bill of the person behind you at the drive-thru
-in honor of breast cancer awareness month- visit a cancer center where chemo is taking place. They become like family-listen to their stories
-look in the window of a resteraunt where there are people sitting at a table right next to the window. Pretend that you can't see them and pick your teeth, fluff your hair etc. like it's a mirror.
-stand facing the rear of the elevator

That's all I can think of for now.


Kim said...

I love your blog - your "pretty pony" post made me think of something I have always wanted to do - make and serve dessert baked in an easy-bake oven! Have a great year, and the 30's are fun too!

Anonymous said...

you're a Red Sox fan, right?

Root against them tomorrow.

xxCourtneyMaexx said...

I just finished reading every single entry that you have posted. I think it is such a great idea.

I have come up with one really great (I think) "new thing" for you to try if you haven't already.
It's something I really am fond of in the art world.
Try doing a reproduction of Monet's "Water Lilies" painting by the Pointalism method in markers.

I did it as an art project one year (as a random choice), and it got me an A+. lol.
Good luck, and I hope you use the idea. I also hope you have fun with it.

Sincerely, a fan,

- Courtney

P.s. if I think of anymore ideas, I'll post them =)

Anonymous said...

Try to visit the Local Hare Krishna temple, I suggest on Sunday evenings. You will never forget it!

Anonymous said...

volunteer at a teen rehabilitation center

Jacqueline said...

uhm, i think it would awesome if you built a robot out of styrofoam cups and push pins. make it taller than you ;)

Doug said...

Cool Idea! I'm gonna have to try it out! One suggestion I have is posing in a figure sculpting/painting class. I used to take sculpting in Little Rock & always thought posing would be fun, but never had the nerve.

Kim said...

Ok, I just spent my ENTIRE work day reading all of your blogs. They were all very interesting and has strangely made me yearn to move to NYC even more (I plan to relocate after selling my house in VA). Thus, I have two questions for you: What was your favorite neighborhood to live in? What are your favorite places in NYC? I am not sure where I want to live yet. I plan to obtain a position at one of the many colleges in the city (hopefully NYU).


Kathleen Bates said...

Love your postings! Check out my blog on I have put some postings on following some of my adventures.

How about trying out scuba diving? You could sign up for a 1-night trial session in a local swimming pool.

Jessa said...

Attend kindergarten for a day.
Play Santa Claus for neighboring children.
Fill a stocking with necessities and donate to a homeless person.
Donate to have a stray animal neutered.
Buy doughnuts for the first 5 people that walk through the door at Krispy Kreme.
Turn your kitchen into a diner and serve a 50's style meal to friends...on roller skates.
Find someone with your same name and call or email them. Become mySpace friends.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a fun and refreshing idea. I want to borrow your idea. I'll be t urning 39 in a couple months and think this would be a fun thing to do. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading your earlier enteries. Ok, so here are my ideas:
I only read your last few enteries, so please forgive me if you've already done these things:

Iwork w/those w/disabilities so here are some ideas:
~borrow a wheelchair and use it throughout the day or try one of the electric carts at the grocery store,etc
~pretend to be mute all day, I've done this and it is hard to not be able to say thanks to people
~wear a sling on your dominant arm and see what it is like to have a broken arm, etc

~oh I just saw Amanda's idea about calling in happy to work. What a totally awesome idea!!

Best wishes in your project.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome. Good luck! I ran across your story on and had to check it out. Way to go! :)

Mia said...

Excellent, excellent. Live life like there's no tomorrow. You're a girl after my own heart.

Would it be stealing if I tried your idea out on my own for a month or so? Hey, I'm OLD now.. can't do a whole YEAR!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am so impressed by this concept!!! Like you this is the last year of my twenties. I am now encouraged to try something new everyday for the last six months of it. I truly wish you the best and please dont be made if I "borrow" some of your ideas!

Good luck!

Slothrocket said...

This is such a cool idea, you must be having so much fun.


Visit an Amish village
Participate in a protest, boycott etc
Send a care package to Iraq
Leave a 100% tip
Register to be an organ donor
Buy to-go food for two and share with a homeless person
Make homemade dog treats

Good luck!

Donna L. said...

Volunteer at a local pet shelter. Pet shelters are always needing 'extra' help.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter. It will allow you to truly be thankful for what you have.

Anonymous said...

I will be turning 29 years old in about two weeks and I think this is a really cool idea. I have a bit of OCD and I think this will help me to break free of some of that.

I hope you're not mad - but I'm sure that lots of people are going to be paying tribute to your idea!

susan said...

i love this idea!!

which high school in SD did you go to? it sounds a lot like the SD high school I went to...

Slothrocket said...

if you go to the "how to" section on Google (I think it links to Wikihow) it has some really cool how to ideas.

One cool one I saw was "cook a meal on your car engine"

Anonymous said...

If you want a White House tour, call 706-207-7632

bill said...

I love the idea it is very creative and imaginative. I noticed that you have only a few things that I think take you out of your comfort zone. You definitely did go outside your comfort zone I thing with castrating a bull, and using a chainsaw. I live outside DC and would like to invite you to do something else outside your comfort zone, something which brings a lot of enjoyment to millions of Americans, yet is safe and legal. I want you to learn to shoot a gun. I know you had that in your list of things you did not have in mind, but I am a firearms instructor and have years of experience. I can offer you a free class in Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol. If you want to shoot a real machine gun you can do that too, but machine guns would not be free (it would be a couple hundred bucks – just look in your freezer).

Think about it – shooting is lots of fun I have never had a person in my class not leave happy about the experience.

I think that this whole experience of life is trying new things – which you took to heart by putting up this blog. If you refuse you can add – “Hurt the feelings of a really nice guy – who only wanted to teach me to shoot a gun” to your list

Allison said...

Hi Jen- What a great way to celebrate a year of your life!
Here are some suggestions (some more serious than others):
1. walk backwards for an entire day
2. visit a childrens hospital & bring a dog/cat along
3. reverse a weekend day- the morning would be the night
4. buy flowers and give them to a stranger that you meet on the street
5. call someone from your past just say hello

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted! Love your site.
Here's a few suggestions:

- go buy groceries but only buy things you've never had before
- wear your clothes inside out
- take pictures of different printed signs and then make a collage spelling your name
- visit the embassy of a country you know nothing about
- bring flowers or magazines to the nurse's station at a hospital and ask them to give them to someone deserving

Have many happy and exciting days to come.

Anonymous said...

Don't use anything that requires a battery, gas or electricity for an entire day.
fast for a day; no food, no water
recite poetry aloud in a public place
walk around with toilet paper on your shoe
wear a fake pregnant belly
take a lute lesson

Meg said...

this is a stellar plan, by the way - so here are some ideas (whether you've done them or not, I don't know)...

-pay for the car behind you at a toll both
-ride a horse bareback
-go to the airport baggage claim to watch friends and family be reunited
-brew your own beer
-take a wine/cooking/bartending class
-knit something
-develop your own film in a darkroom
-cook nothing but famous "family" recipes to eat
-close your eyes, pick a random spot on a map, and make arrangements to go
-go rock climbing
-after all is said and done, write a book reflecting on your year!!

Michelle said...

this is so inspiring, i almost cried when i read your concept. thank you for giving hope to all the people out there like me who are scared to try anything new.

melodiepayne said...

I am loving this blog! I discovered it yesterday on and have since read it all from the beginning. Thanks for the laughs.

I have a couple of new to-do's for you:

write your name and address and tie it to the end of a balloon and release the balloon and see if anyone gets it. I did this project in elementary school but no one ever responded.

nita said...

Hi- I posted yesterday w/an anonymous comment as I couldn't remember my blogger passwords, etc.

(my comment was the one about borrowing a wheelchair, etc)

Well here is an idea from my work today:

~ Again, I realize you may have already done something similar. But eat a dinner item for breakfast. For example,

Eat hotdogs (or some other unusual dinner item) for breakfast!!!

Got that idea from a sweet old lady in the nursing home in which I work. This lady didn't want the dinner we had (hotdogs) and she didn't want the various alternate meals. She strongly desired scrambled egs and bacon. Even though it was early evening, she was thinking it was morning, as she'd just awaken from a nap. But for various reasons, the kitchen couldn't comply with her request. So after I signed out, I got some eggs and bacon from the kitchen and made her some scrambled eggs & bacon. So she was happy. (and for me, this was basically the first time I've ever made scrambled eggs, so I got to do something I've never done before either!!!)

Anyway, this lady ate the eggs and bacon and insisted it was odd that people were trying to give her hotdogs for breakfast! (due to her confusion in another wise awesome and sharp and brilliant mind, she thought it was morning and I couldn't get her to believe me that it was really dinner time). She said, "I've never eaten hotdogs for breakfast!" Anyway, to no avail I again reminded her it was dinner time, however, I was unsuccessful in so doing, as I was unable to convince her that it was not morning. Thinking about your blog and your idea, I told her I've seen men at 7-11 eat hotdogs for breakfast, and this witty lady just said, "Let them eat hotdogs!"

ullee said...

AWESOME idea!!
I definately gonna try this!!
You have an extra blog reader now =).
Good Luck for you!


Anonymous said...

Great site. Saw it on CNN then checked it out. You are a pretty witty writer. The blog was far more entertaning than I expected.

Brook :) said...

Call a stranger. You're more than welcome to call me. We can talk about the fact that none of my girlfriends knew about the Steve Madden Design It Yourself. URGH. I'm still miffed. Be assured, I have passed it on to every woman I can think of, and hopefully this little bit of enlightenment will do the world good. It should at least do little old Sebring, Florida some good...

Brook :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great idea. Here's a quick one for short day: microwave a bar of soap. Old partially used soap is OK. When you microwave it, strange and unusual forms erupt like snakes from the bar, creating unusual art. You may want a bit of extra ventilation when you try this and be ready to punch the off button. - Craig

may said...

You could walk/ride the subway only backwards on your way to work.

N. said...

I think it would be a great idea to go through an entire day as a sitcom character. Like Suzanne Sugarbaker from "Designing Women" or something like that. I love your idea. My best friend and I decided that since we are each other's best relationship (we're in "There aren't any good men to be had" mode right now) we would do something we have never done eaach month. so, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
This is totally cool. Ran into your blog after seeing something on

Try this:
go to grocery store and run a few errands in clown makeup. Did this once with my husband and we had a blast

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

heres something I think few people ever do.
Go visit and explore the Staten Island Ship graveyard. Make sure you take some friends with you
Heres a link:

Digital Immigrant said...

Greetings from Learning Conference 2007 in Orlando.Here are some off-the-cuff suggestions:

- Play Wii Tennis with a professional tennis player (John McEnroe)
- Be a Disney character for a day, preferably in a Disney park
- Volunteer at a children's home and bring joy to a baby or child there
- Raise $500 to buy 50 nets for Malaria No More

Anonymous said...

Try eatting the food of the same color for one day. Say, only eat red colored food for one day.

Also, try to wear an onxious color head to toe one day (like bright yellow). Or try to wear something crazy for one day - such as a large garbage bag over your street clothes and see how it feels and if people react. Many blessings!:)

Anonymous said...

You could work at a homeless shelter or work at the food bank if you want to give something back and experience what alot of people go through in life on their birthdays. There are half way houses that need assistance for the day and you could learn about other peoples lives as well.

jeff said...

Here's an idea...

Repair a Maytag Neptune front loader washing machine. There is a part in the 2000 Stackers, MAH3000, MAH4000, MAH5500A's door latch assembly that will eventually fail thus damaging the upper control board.

Once the failure occurs the repair runs $350 - $450 if you bother the lonely Maytag repairman. You can prevent this failure by replacing a $20 part. After the failure, the symptom is no spin so you clothes come out soaking wet.

See for more information. I have tear down photos and even a video that shows how to repair the upper control board after it fails.

Do you know anyone who owns a Maytag Neptune front loader?

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Try a Tai Chi workout. Its like meditation in motion. You can do it to any music, I like AC/DC "Hells Bells"


Marv said...

Ride a motorcycle!,
if you don't know how, sign up for a motorcycle safety course. cost about $100, and they supply the bike and helmet. Just wear boots, long sleeves and gloves.
Its a blast. no previous riding experience needed. only need to konw how to ride a bicycle. It may last two days, but even if you only do it for one day, its still worth it to have several hours of riding around on a motorcycle.
ours was held at a local comunity college. you can find out about it at your local DMV website.

Happy trails

DG Dunford said...

Jen -

Have you ever ridden the Staten Island train at all? It's run by the MTA, and goes from the terminal of the ferry to the Tottenville station. It's a nothing thing (covered by Metrocard) but it's something different to try!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how many llamas live in the NYC area, but "Hug a llama" was on my 50 Things to Do Before I Die list. And let me tell you. It was pretty outstanding.

Samara said...

Buy an outfit from a thriftstore - make at least one modification to each piece of the outfit so it's entirely different and wear it to work.

Kelly said...

Love, love, love this idea.

I think you'll find a lot of copycats (including myself!) popping up, but it can't be a bad thing!

I enjoy your posts and look forward to my own journey. :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is just so nifty.

I was thinking of things I would do under these circumstances. In particular, I would probably:
1) Go to Lunch and sit with someone who was eating alone.
2) Spontaneously buy lunch for a stranger.
3)walk down the street with boom box on shoulder.
4) walk where few would walk (I tend to like spontaneous wandering. I am an urban hippie.)
5) play with pipe cleaners (very fun- great to make animals, tiaras, glasses, hair ties)
6)find out the history behind a second hand book store.

Elizabeth said...

Try to wear an indian sari.. its quite a task for a first-timer. Good luck!

spike. said...

If you haven't seen/heard them ...

Go see the World/Inferno Friendship Society at their annual "Hallowmas" show. This year they're playing at Club Exit in Brooklyn ... and yes, on Oct. 31.

And if you go, I'm Insanely Jealous.

William said...

And a few more...

1. Play pool with a group of strangers and bet something
2. Dance with a bachelorette (or bachelor's) party
3. Adopt a rabbit from a local shelter
4. Sing karaoke in something other than your native language
5. Teach an ESL class
6. Spend the night attending to a shelter
7. Go to the animal shelter and volunteer to "scoop poop" - I've done this and it's worth it for their expression. Then do it.
8. Try to sleep for more than 12 hours straight.

DeepSeaMuse said...

As a former New Yorker (who wishes she was still in New York), here are some things you may not have tried:

- Buy ice cream at your corner Deli at 4am
- Take a cab down two blocks.
- Order food from an online delivery service. Use a fake name. (I was a fan of "Lucy Ricardo")
- Rollerblade in East Coast Park
- Go see "Naked Boys Singing"
- Walk around Times Square at 2am (it's eerily empty)
- Take the L train from 8th ave to the other end.
- Take the 7 Train
- Take a beachside stroll in Brighton Beach when there's snow on the ground.
- March in the Village Halloween Parade
- Go to Island Burgers and Shakes on 52nd st and 9th ave.
-Take an introductory Krav Maga class at John J. College of Criminology
- Watch the sun set (or rise) from the windows of the 8th floor of the Kimmel Center
- Rollerblade down 5th ave
- Take "Artistic" pictures in Central Park

...I could write more, but it makes me miss the City!

Great project :) Really inspiring

Anonymous said...

I think this is an awesome idea!
I found your blog through also. I think I might start doing this for the new year. Start things out well, it will also give me time to think/ plan some cool new things to try.

Some new things I thought of:

*take an art class(Micheals and AC Moore have these all the time and are usually free)
*wave to everyone you see on the street walking to and from the metro (blow kisses too)
*talk using only questions

P.S. I visited New York this past March and absolutely fell in love with the city there. Your pictures make me want to go back all the time. (I'm in SC/GA right now).


Anonymous said...

You should take a pistol shooting class. It's lots of fun

Linda said...

tpWhat a wonderful idea... more people should try it. Opens your mind, senses and creative levels! My daughter pointed out your blog to me, and we are both thinking of starting the new year w/ a new thing a day!


KrstlChik said...

great idea. i'm borrowing it.

Deane said...

This is such a fun idea!

I just had a few suggestions:

1. Go through a drive-through restaurant and annonymously pay for the meal that the car behind you ordered.

2. Visit your local preschool or elementary school and be a volunteer reader for one story hour.

Jackie From Canada said...

I hope you can fit this in one day. Take a Bikrams Yoga class. It's ridiculously hot - for 90 minutes you may be thinking "why oh why did you suggest this torture random internet girl!" but you'll feel great after. And the instructors are all super great and will take pictures of you if you ask them!!

Jennifer said...

I have no suggestions brain isn't in gear for the day. But I think this is an excellent idea! I just found this blog...and will come back again!
Your "standing on the toilet and yodeling" cracked me up!! :)

Bethany said...

Totally random suggestions, but I don't see either on the list (didn't scour the list, either) and I thought I would add it. (Finally caught up.. wow.. it's been a fun ride so far, eh?)

Have you ever paid an entire bill in nothing but change? Obviously you don't want to do this if something exceeds twenty dollars, but what about Jamba Juice or your nearby coffee place?

With your love of the theatre have you ever recited something backwards?

I hope it's not too late for suggestions.

Mr. Nordmann said...

Jen, I read about your blog and love the idea. I decided that I would borrow the idea. My blog is called Chasing 30. I teach in a middle school and have asked students for suggestions. They love it and are constantly asking what my new thing for the day is as well as suggesting ideas that would have never crossed my mind. I have given you credit on my page, and hope you take a look.

Bethany said...

Last one, I promise.

You may have done this, but it not, I highly recommend it.

For my 30th birthday, I watched the sunrise come up over the beach.

Now, I'm not saying you have to do it, and it may be too late to do this as a suggestion (due to the weather), but I highly recommend it, if you have not yet done it.

Caitlin Cronenberg said...

I am working on a book of photography consisting of photographs of nudes. I have taken 104 photographs for this project so far, and I am intending to have it published in the relatively near future. I think it would be a fun idea if you came to pose for my project.

The photographs are tasteful and not sexual at all. The idea behind the project is to explore the different ways that people react to the experience of posing nude. It is not to exploit nudity for the sake of nudity...

Please consider this as an option and please contact me if you are even slightly interested.

Caitlin Cronenberg

Jacqueline said...

JEN, I saw this tonight and couldn't help but think of you. I think you are the coolest lady ever! You should be on Oprah, for real. Anyway, when I saw this clip I thought, 'I want to do that!'. Maybe you would as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

365 What. What? said...

Have you registered your dollar bills on it tracks the path your dollar takes after it leaves your hand. Or, if you have a previously registered bill, you can find out about its history before you spend it.

Anonymous said...

google Ron Paul

Bellacantare said...

elf yourself.

KrstlChik said...

Save this for another lazy day:
Go to
It's like Word Power (from Reader's Digest), except for every definition you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program (the advertisers on the page pay for it). I've verified it on Snopes. Read about it on my blog.

Anonymous said...


i know, i know... this sounds easy, especially since every elementary school child around the world is making them this month by the hundreds. with their eyes closed. and blunt tip scissors. little flippin' geniuses.

however, being in my 30's and not having made them for at least two decades, i decided to try. i had to find a video on-line ( to show me step-by-step and it still took me 9 tries! but i finally created a 6-sided snowflake.

and trust me, after all that work, i will proudly display it on my tree...

happy holidays!
brook :)

Lauriel said...

I have been a daily reader for a while now and I planning on starting on January 1! Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily Ashe said...

Hi Jen!

I got this idea from the movie Serendipity- Put your name and phone number/e-mail address inside a book and then sell it to a used bookstore with a note saying to e-mail you/ call you when they have bought the book.

Kialani said...





TiggerRD/Tanya said...

How about grow a Chia pet?

Rachel said...

Go to a movie by yourself...on opening night.

Lava said...

Hi! I love your blog!
Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Eat cake in a taxi. I mean, take an entire cake into the taxi, and eat some of it with a fork.

2. Write a letter to an obscure celebrity, and request an autographed photo.

3. Leave small trinkets or friendship bracelets out and about, and come back the next day and see if they're still there.

4. Make something with paper mache.

5. Send a Friendship card to someone you know with a cat, and stuff the envelope and card with catnip.

sheri said...

Dry your hands completely using an automatic hand dryer in a public bathroom. I have never, nor have ever known anyone to do it 100%.

Jen S. said...

Hi Jen! I love your blog. I'm doing the same kind of thing with a little bit of a twist. If you'd like to check it out, feel free.(

You can register a book you own, print out a label with instructions and leave your book somewhere random for a stranger to find. With any luck, they'll visit the site and pass along the book when they're done reading it. You're e-mailed periodic updates regarding the whereabouts of the book. How fun!

Anonymous said...

I wish i had enough time to do something like this. I love spending my time people watching. You should sit and watch people, catch bits and pieces of their conversations. It makes you realize how many people there are that you don't know, yet could.
You should also devote a day to pictures. Carry on about your day while taking pictures of anything that intrigues you. That way you can look back on your day.

Anonymous said...

Watch an older movie that you presume you will not like, and see if you were unduly prejudiced against it

Watch a Carol Burnett skit on YouTube

Lucky Luke said...

oooooo i have a few of idears,

1. spend the day working with your opposite hand
2. pick up the tab for some random person at a cafe, restaurant, coffee place
3. wait and get the first newspaper of the day when they deliver them
4. try and irish dance like in riverdance
5. try and go to a free organ concert at a local cathedral
6. be a freegan for a day
7. try to only eat organic food for a day
8. write a letter to a childhood heart throb
9. get your shoes shines at one of those shoe shine stands
and 10. be a dog walker for a day

Jennifer said...

I am trying this now, too! I am inspired! Today is my first day, so I bought a pint of kumquats to eat, as I had never tried a kumquat before. Thanks for the cool idea!!!

nikki said...

ok so i dont know if you have ever heard of .... if you havn't go there!! they have i think 4 books out of it now.... for one of your things you should mail in your secret!!!!!

Julia said...

sign up to be a secret shopper. A friend of mine just did this and it sounds pretty nifty.

alie said...

If you haven't tried it yet, use a neti pot. It would make for some great pictures!

cherandscully said...

Learn morse code.
Spend $20 at an arcade.
Write a song (lyrics and music).
Make an origami crane.
Don't look in the mirror for the whole day.

Anonymous said...

wear mens boxers all day instead of your own underwear

go fishing

hoodkitty said...

Hi Jen, If you haven't already done these... * eat Ethiopian food * start a rubber band ball * chew at least 3 flavors of gum together, the more the better * practice your signature in cursive until you can make out each individual letter * research your family's geneology * offer to help an old lady across the street * make a gingerbread house out of something other than gingerbread * recite the alphabet backwards (i can) * serenade someone * borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor (so 1950s) * organize and adults-only game of duck, duck, goose * learn a few greetings in Swaili.

You are very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Go to and enter the serial number of a dollar bill, then spend the dollar and track where it travels next.

Chelsea said...

I just started reading your blog and i have a couple of ideas, but they could be repeats.
-attend a political rally
-paint your nails red, white, and blue
-serve in a soup kitchen
-buy the poster of an obscure 80's rock band and hang it up at work
-take a 1-day babysitting class
-make a fake profile on myspace and send a love message to a stranger
-walk with a limp for a day and give a different story to everyone who asks
-see a Shakespeare play
-talk to the woman in the next bathroom stall
-go to the local animal shelter and swoon loudly over the three ugliest dogs (it will make people actually looking for a dog take notice and give the poor ugly dogs a chance)

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. It's weird, but I'm pretty sure no one's ever done it, so.. you could be the first!

Brush your teeth with a dish sponge and toothpaste. A new sponge, of course. lol

Anonymous said...

*at a tollbooth, pay for the person behind you.
*spend a whole day only writing with crayons (perhaps even the chubby ones for a bit of a challenge).
*spend a whole meal just talking in questions.

Colette said...

Just wanted to thank you for the idea! I've been inspired and am doing a new thing every day in 2008 (

Felipe said...

Silly question: have you ever set out some cardboard on a city street, got out a ghetto blaster, and busted out some old-school breakdance moves?

Or perhaps some other more grown-up form of busking...

Julia said...

-- Do something that is written on a random Dove Promise wrapper
-- Play the numbers from the back of a fortune cookie fortune in the lottery

Amy said...

If this hasn't been suggested you should wear a durndel to work. A german outfit for women. A great site to see what they look like is Don't make fun though, some of us work at German Restaurants and wear them every day! It is someting to experience.

Matt said...

I am addicted to finding out each day what you are doing. I don't know if you have ever done this before, but my suggestion is...... to ride on the back of a motorcycle!

Anonymous said...

Found a fun site with tons of random fun things to do...hope it helps :)

Anonymous said...

Create a sleeveface, like:

There's a facebook link on the website too if you're into that.

Kristin said...

I turned 22 this year and decided to do the same thing as you! I've only done 17 new things but it's been fun! I stumbled across your page while looking up "new things" on google for ideas so I don't get to crazy and stupid. You have done some really fun things! I think living in a big city gets you a bit more of an advantage than living in a tiny town! Good luck with your last few new things!

Here's my blog if you want to check it out...


Francisco said...

here are my suggestions:

become an ordained minister on the internet. i met the strangest man and he kept trying to get me to become an ordained minster of some internet church. i looked online and apparently it's easy to do (like can be done in minutes) and then you get to walk around saying you're a minister and can even perform marriages in certain states!

another idea i had was dumpster diving. i think that would be super interesting to watch too (you could film yourself climbing in and pulling out random objects in true dumpster diving form)!!!!

Francisco said...

here are my suggestions:

become an ordained minister on the internet. i met the strangest man and he kept trying to get me to become an ordained minster of some internet church. i looked online and apparently it's easy to do (like can be done in minutes) and then you get to walk around saying you're a minister and can even perform marriages in certain states!

another idea i had was dumpster diving. i think that would be super interesting to watch too (you could film yourself climbing in and pulling out random objects in true dumpster diving form)!!!!

Gillian said...

Just a couple of ideas (unfortunately some involve cost)
Even if you don't do these before your bday - I would definitely recommend to add them to your list of things to try in life...

Rock Climbing - there are some great indoor places, or outdoors

Rapell off of a building or structure - takes a lot of nerve - but once again you can find lots of coordinated places to do it safely

Go up in a glider plane - you can do this through a number of organizations - in Canada there are Air Cadets - there must be something like that in the US that you can tag along to - its amazing to control a plane with no engine!!

Photocopy a bodypart of your choice and hang it up everywhere or wallpaper a room with it

Raise a flag, also learn how to properly handle and fold a flag

Go to the airport not knowing where you are going to fly to, and pick a place at random that you have never been - or go to wherever the cheapest fare takes you.

Write a fan letter to your favourite movie/tv star from when you were a kid (or your past-crush) i.e. Ricky Schroeder on Silver Spoons - awww

Try Bellydancing / Go to a Bellydancing class

Wear your hair in a mohawk or dreadlocks

Pet a shark - you can do this at some of the bigger pet stores sometimes too

Make chocolate - you can buy a plastic mould and buy the chocolate discs and/or coloured discs - I once made 235 chocolate suckers for my previous work - i would recommend starting with 1 tray (makes 4-6) :)

Have you made a snowman yet?

Thats all I have for now...
I have been enjoying reading your blog since last year! I'm looking forward to hearing what your bday plans are :)

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Most definetly sleep in the nude if you never have.