Monday, February 5, 2007

...and then?

I've gotten some amazing suggestions in the last couple of days. Friends Robyn, Rachael and Mom, among wonderful others, have sent some great, great ideas. LeMar M. sent this list, which is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for:

1) Give a waiter/waitress a hug of gratitude after you've paid for your meal.
2) Ask a taxi driver if he/she has children.
3) Listen to a Clear Channel radio station all day and keep a tally of how many times the first song you hear plays.
4) Do ten jumping jacks outside of the St. Marks Crif Dogs.
5) Ask someone who speaks a foreign language (not Spanish) how to say:
a) I love you.
b) I don't know.
c) Candy is my favorite.
d) Where are all the babies?


Angela said...

I think you should try purling!

Aaron Shanahan said...

hey Jen,

i posted a comment earlier but not sure if i left a name or anything, its Aaron the guy travelling australia originally from ireland...

suggestion #1: get a phone book throw it on the ground, pick it up, keeping it open, put it on the table. close your eyes and run your finger down either page (your choice o which, or flip a coin to decide), when you feel the urge to stop, then stop.
find the name of the person your finger has landed on... from here you can either a)make a call and ask the person how their day has gone and wish them well for tomorrow
b)write a letter along the same lines as the phone call! and im also on facebook

love your work Jen!!! :)