Monday, February 26, 2007

gearing up...

I've got exactly a month to go until the project starts, and by the end of today, I will have the entire first month totally planned out. I'm absolutely flexible, and will welcome unplanned opportunities, surprises and spontaneous decisions. Almost everybody has been super supportive, which makes me pretty certain I can do this. It would be easy to say I might give up on it, but why would anybody say that?


Kristina said...

Eat Shabu Shuabu in Flushing!

Michelle said...

Got some more!

- Make candy from scratch
- Buy a paint by numbers set and shuffle all the numbers (paint all the 1s with color 7, etc) so the painting comes out all surreal
- Spend the morning at Criminal Court (as an observer, not a detainee)

Michelle said...

And more!

- Play duets with a talented flutist! : )

- Play a musical instrument outdoors.

Michael Jeffrey said...

Breathe with your mouth open all day, as if you had a cold, except you don't have a cold.

But if you do have a cold, don't try to accomplish this inversely by breathing with your mouth closed, OK?

ps. idmgbece