Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Thing #2: Baby Got Your Back

Okay. So the plan for today was to go the entire day without making an "I" statement. But I messed that up before I even left the house this morning, so I spent the first half of my train ride wondering what I should do instead, and trying to mentally picture my master list. At one point it occurred to me that my iPod might be turned up a little loud, so I thought about asking the lady next to me if she could hear anything. As I turned toward her, I saw that she and several other people were concernedly turned toward another woman, who was slumped forward in her seat, barely coherent, mumurring that she was about to pass out. I mentioned to the man next to her that I am a subway fainter, so he switched seats with me so I could make sure she wasn't having a stroke*. So, accidentally, for today's New Thing I helped a pregnant lady in distress. Professionally dressed and about my age, she said she was about 8 months along and had all of a sudden gotten really dizzy and sweaty. I got her off the train and carried her bag to a bench while a guy from the train went to find cops. The cops came, convinced her to let them get her a "bus" (cop lingo for "ambulence," I guess, unless they just really wanted to get rid of her), took her bag and thanked me. Then the D came train and I went to work.

*Ask the person to raise their hands, smile, and answer a basic question, like 'what city are you in?"