Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Thing #4: Are You There, Stranger?

5:54: I took the day off to run around and do apartment stuff and get a new telly, so I haven't posted today's new thing yet, which is to leave a nice note for a stranger. Suggestor Erin originally had said to leave it on a seat in public transportation, but I didn't want anyone to knee-jerk react badly to something that could be misconceived as terroristy. So I'm leaving it on a park bench. Hold on while I go do that. Here's a photo of part of the note:

(I explained the project in the note so it wouldn't seem scary to whoever finds it)

7:41: I left the note on a bench overlooking the Hudson, in a grove of still-bare trees just inside Fort Tryon park. My boyfriend suggested I put a rock on top of it, as it's a bit windy up on the cliff. There were only a few people around at the time, and it's possible one of them picked the note up as soon as I left it, but I rather hope someone finds it much later.