Friday, March 30, 2007

New Thing #5: Eastern Flair

Today, thanks to a suggestion from my amazing little sister, Kathleen, I am learning to write my name in Chinese. This was slightly easier said than done, as Mandarin Chinese is particularly intricate and complicated, and there is really no direct translation of my full name. I did some research on Chinese lettering and the specific strokes:

Having been friends with a number of Chinese-American kids throughout my life, I know that this isn't really something that can be learned in a day; my friends growing up went to hours of Chinese school a week as a way of learning to connect to their culture. (My version of cultural connection was wearing plaid a lot and quoting Mike Meyers.)
So I found a site that would generate my own special Chinese name, based on my American name, my chosen characteristics (I picked Mind and Intelligence), my gender, and my birthdate. My "new" name is Meng Zheng Ning, which roughly translates to "Proper and Peaceful." I'll take it!

And now I'll attempt to write it!