Friday, April 6, 2007

New Thing #12: Crawl or Nothing

I'm not the world's most competitive person. I never was big into sports, I don't audition much and if I'm going to eat a hot dog, I'd rather just eat the one instead of attempting to break a record. But every now and again, a girl likes to put her moxie to the test against another person. So today, after a hefty sportman's lunch of turkey and swiss on whole wheat, I raced a baby.

The champ

The challenger

It's ON:

It took a minute to get started...
Then we were off, Baby taking an early lead...
But I caught up with him...
OOOH! Schooled! By someone who's not even in school!

The baby pulled a trick "I can fit into places big people can't go" play and beat me by about 5 seconds. I did try to squeeze under the chair, but I deleted those photos..... It wasn't pretty.