Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Thing# 11: Take Your Dogger to Work Day

Around this time every year, journalism students from all over start interviewing for those sought-after magazine internships. My magazine pays them pretty well, and they get to write stuff instead of having to just fetch coffee and file things. I mean, that's part of it too- and a big reason why magazines hire interns in the first place. But really, it's all about the experience. Sitting in a classroom can only teach you so much- internships let you learn by doing!

But we still have a while before we need to hire anybody, and since today was sort of a quiet day, I decided to practice my intern orientation skills, so I showed a dog what it's like to work at a magazine.

JJ arrived this morning at 9.

I showed him where the drawers are where we'll make the interns do all that filing.

I showed him how to work on files in InDesign.

Then we took a coffee break.

When we were done, I let him design a page by himself.

He did a good job! We put his pages on the wall with the rest of the magazine.

He was so good I gave him his own desk!

In the afternoon, I put him to work filing, checking supplies and running a board meeting.

Then he went to lunch...and that was actually the last I saw of him. I hope he had a steak!