Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Thing #13: Chumley

I'm sick- sore throat, cough, massive headache. I had to postpone what I had planned today (suggested by the fantastic Jodi when I asked her to write a suggestion in my planner) since I didn't feel like leaving the house. But since when did you have to leave the house to do something new? I didn't really figure out what today's thing would be until I was trolling around MySpace. I joined it a couple of years back, when everyone else did, simply because... everybody else did. I've used for little more than posting hilarious pictures of myself in a clown wig, networking with comedy people and anonymously checking the whereabouts of people I've lost touch with. Mostly that last one. But why just spy on them when I could be reaching out to them? So today, finally, I contacted an old elementary school friend who I last saw about 17 years ago. I just now sent the message (fairly standard; I was trying hard not to seem creepy and stalky), so I probably won't hear back for a couple of days at least. I met T in kindergarten, and not only were we in the same class every year until I moved away after 5th grade, we were castmates in the local children's theatre. We drifted apart when I moved, but as I remember she was always completely nice. So we'll see how that goes!