Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Thing #14: Qats

I'm still sick- I feel worse today than yesterday, yet foolishly exerted energy on brunch and apartment-furnishing (though I thoroughly enjoyed both, sore throat and all). We got home in the late afternoon, and Kevin had to head back to his place to finish some work. So left to my own devices, and while watching old-school episodes of Battlestar Galactica, I played myself in Scrabble. Kevin and I play somewhat regularly, and he somewhat regularly whomps me. But tonight, I had the opportunity to whomp myself. Only I didn't, as is the nature of playing against oneself. I named the players Starbuck and Boomer, and Starbuck took an early lead with a 7-letter word on the first go. It looked like Boomer would end up losing by quite a bit; Starbuck scored the Z and the X, but Boomer came up from behind with an 11th-hour qats with the Q on a double letter score tile, and the word on a triple word score.

The first picks:
The scorecard:
Qat: qat qats \ n pl. -S kat

The final board:
The final score:

Better luck next time, Boomer!