Friday, April 13, 2007

New Thing #19: Hanging With my Peeps

Part of the beauty of this whole project is the flexibility; with so many Things I have yet to do, there is always something waiting in the wings if something else doesn't work out. So when an awesome (and brave, you'll see why later) friend needed to postpone something, no problem! In fact, what I really needed to do tonight was take NyQuil and pass out (I got better then I got sicker). Future me does exactly that, but not before I performed science experiments on Peeps. We've all seen evidence of these things, but how often to we put our science caps on and actually do them? One thing I've already learned: Peeps take a long time to freeze. When they're solid, I'll do weird things to them, like hit them with hammers, chew on them, and throw them through glass. But there's plenty of things you can do to non-frozen Peeps, like:

Stick them to the side of the refrigerator:

It fell off almost immediately. Scientific conclusion: Peeps don't stick to refrigerators, even if you lick them.

Burn them:

It didn't catch fire, or even smoke at all. Scientific conclusion: Peeps are apparently fire-retardant. The top photo is me holding a match up to the Peep's tail; the bottom photo is the unharmed Peep and the burnt match.

Soak them:

Nothing really happened, except that the Peep dyed the water a violent shade of yellow. Scientific conclusion: Peeps are cool with water. But I'm going to leave it there overnight and see if anything happens. Hypothesis: The Peep will multiply and take over my kitchen. Which is cool, as long as they make me breakfast.

And, of course, microwave them:

Keep your eye on the yellow blob, which doesn't photograph well through my microwave door. (This part is a New Thing two-fer: this is my first Youtube video!) Scientific conclusion: Peeps are expandable, but not combustible, and they deflate quickly, and making videos is fun!

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Sam said...

just found your blog - wow! I am very impressed with your initiative and your imagination (not to mention other people's imagination!)

However, I am forced to ask - what on earth is a 'peep'!?