Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Thing #23: Corporate accounts payable Nina speaking, just a moment!

Somehow, even though I live in New York, am in my 20s and once thought I wanted to be an actress, I have never had the opportunity to work as a receptionist. I have been a bookseller, a tubetalker, a writer about pants, a potential nanny and even a 6-foot mouse, but never a receptionist. So today, with permission from everyone at work who needed to give it, I took over for my company's receptionist. It was just for part of the day, but even in that short amount of time I took phone calls, sorted the mail, watched the security video and wrote something on a Post-It (the address of this blog, for one of the many people who were confused about why I was filling in for our receptionist). It was actually quite pleasant, and a welcome change of pace. Regular receptionist Iris listens to classical music, so I left the radio on that station, rather than Sufjan Stevensing on my iPod. I only had to field a couple of phone calls, one of which was a hang-up. I was a little slow at mail-sorting, as I've never had a reason to memorize where everyone's mail cubbies are.

I believe in service with a smile, even when the customer can't see you. Or when there is no customer, and you are simply posing for your camera timer.

My view (if it were after 5, I would totally have control over those doors).
My other, more standard, view.
Hi, mail!

Alos: Please keep suggesting things I should do! People have been awesome with the emails, and I can always use more suggestions! I'm particularly in need of quick things I can do on days when I'm pressed for time. The more the better! You can email me, or click on "make a suggestion" to your right. Thanks!

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