Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Thing #24: Pedi Differences

We New Yorkers are so boring when it comes to transportation. Cabs, subways, buses... yawn. So today I decided to spice things up a bit. And by "spice things up a bit," I mean "CHEAT DEATH," so after getting out of work tonight, I rode in a pedicab for eight blocks. (And I'm kidding- it wasn't that scary. Except for when it was. )
I got the p-cab in front of the Empire State Building, where the driver was probably hoping to get some risk-loving tourist. Instead, he got me, a local New Yorker who decided to put her jadedness on hold for ten minutes for the sake of a blog. The guy was very Brooklynny and friendly, and also apparently above traffic laws. But he ensured me that he's "never had an incident," meaning that I was supposed to trust him with my life even as he weaved in and out of the paths of buses and cabs and cut diagonally across three lanes of rush-hour traffic.

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