Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Thing #25: Need for Speed Read

Today's Thing was the first one I wouldn't recommend (even the pedicab wasn't without merit, especially for you thrillseekers). Curious about just how fast is fast when it comes to reading, I read a 799-page book in an hour. And when I say read, I mean I touched and turned every individual page of George Eliot's Middlemarch, retained some things, missed a great deal more things, attempted to keep up with plot and managed to get the gist of the stories of the main characters. I even took notes and pictures, which was extremely difficult.
I figured out before getting into this that at 800 pages (we'll round up) to get done in an hour, I would need to read each page in 4.5 seconds. To do that and retain anything at all would have been a feat, hence the note taking. I tried so many techniques for speed and methods of counting, all without stopping turning pages (except for when I took pictures) that I actually came in at 49 minutes.
Here's what I figured out:
-Middlemarch is a town
-Dorothea and Celia are sisters
-Dorothea marries Mr. Casoubon, who later dies and she gets his money
-Mary is smart and no one wants to marry her
-Except for someone referred to in my notes as "F" who eventually does
-There are two last names in this book shared by Harry Potter characters: Bulstrode (major character) and Grainger (spelled differently, not a major character)
-Bullstrode dies, and there is a trial
-There is a stranger named Raffles
-There is class differentiation and snobbery

Time-stamped photos and more details to come. I gotta run to a show.
Don't try this!

My messy notes:

(Note/inside joke to Mom: You can expect a book report about this on the Mother's Day after I read it for reals.)

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