Friday, April 20, 2007

New Thing #26: Picture Perfect

This one made its way into my planner a while ago, when coworker Sharon invited me to an art show of work by the stunningly talented Otto Franz Krone, a portrait artist who passed away in 2005. The opening was tonight, so I went to an opening in an art gallery. It was a wonderful affair, full of people who had known Otto, as well as friends of Sharon and several of my coworkers.
Otto's specialty was faces. And he went beyond just drawing them or painting them; his gift was for capturing the depth and detail of the soul of the subject, so deftly that you can almost see what the person is feeling. It was the the collages which struck me the deepest: one piece, which took up almost an entire wall, was comprised of thousands of faces, some detailed so perfectly I thought they were photographs. And Otto's self-portrait was lively and evocative, but at the same time very intimate.

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