Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Thing #27: A Cut Above

Most of the things I've tried so far have been new and awesome and fun, but not particularly risky (except for that "let's dart in front of the bus!" moment in the pedicab). Especially not for somebody else. But today, good sport and awesome friend Kristina risked her gorgeous wavy brown mane for me when I cut somebody else's hair. It was still new and awesome and fun, but this made me more nervous than the pedicab! Kristina has a show tonight, and I was worried that even by just giving her a trim, I'd mess it up. But apparently I was better at this than I thought I would be because even K, the daughter of a New York salon owner, thought it was fine and didn't end up needing the back-up haircut appointment I'd thought she should make.

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