Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Thing #28: Fortunes for a Quarter

About a year and a half ago, I had a palm reading sort of forced on me by a lovely transvestite. It seemed pretty basic: "You will know money." "You will travel." Well, I have a job, so I know money because I earn it, and I had a trip to Paris planned at the time, so I was going to travel. She was right, but about pretty benign things. Nevertheless, I was intrigued. So today, starting and ending by doing some research on palmistry, I read Louie's palm. I'd read up on the meanings of the love, life and head lines, as well as the meanings of flat versus raised mounts (the squishy parts under the bases of the fingers and at the thumb). Louie, a wonderful improvisor and musician, was kind enough to let me quickly scan and then photograph his ukelele-loving hands.
Here's what I found:
We'll start with the mounts. Louie's raised Mercury mount (pinkie finger base) means that he is quick-witted with a great sense of humor and is easily adaptable. His raised Apollo mount (ring finger base) suggests that he is a lover of the arts and all that is creative and that he has the sign of luck. His curiosity and appreciation of the imagination gives him a complex personality. Raised Saturn and Jupiter (middle and pointer finger bases) mean that he is ambitious and possesses good social skills. Anyone who knows Louie knows you don't need to read the guy's hand to know all this!

Lines: Louie's life line suggests outstanding resistance to negative events. His line of Venus means he is open, generous and a great listener. His heart line indicates that he will go into business with his love interest. His strong head line shows that he is independent and not afraid of taking risks. His fate line says that he will be surprised constantly in life, and his health line is strong meaning he won't be hampered by health problems.

I have no idea how much more or less nebulous these predictions were than the bold transvestite's, but it was interesting to read about all the interplanetary line interpretations. Also, palm reading is adorable.


Louie said...

I'd say that reading was less nebulous and was pretty cool! Thanks for doing it!


Brett said...

Wow, I was not expecting to see my boyfriend's palm being read when I checked your blog today. What a small world!

Terry said...

In a way... Louie got his reading for $10.25 at Ultrasound! He also got some singing time for that money, of course.