Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Thing #30: CAN I Do This?

Wow, I'm already on Thing 30! That's as many things as the age I'll be when this project is over. That's about as intelligent as I'm able to be right now, because just now I crushed a soda can on my forehead. I think I did it wrong- I crushed the can in my hand horizontally before I was able to make it collapse. That made it jagged and holey, and when I did try to push it in, it sort of folded to the side and wouldn't telescope. I kind of think it's perfectly okay for me not to know how to do this properly.

Five hours later, there is still a mark:

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Maddy said...

Good try! I think most of the crushed against the forehead cans have been prepared - like scored on the sides or something.

Have you ever done the puncture a beer can with a pen and then open it and drink it from the hole? Like from The Sure Thing? You should do that.

Yay for New Thing #30!