Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Thing #34: Cat to Ow

I'm sore as I type this, because I had three back-to-back performances of Blue Man Group, and ran uptown to catch a friend's one-woman show in between the second two BMG shows. But mostly I'm sore because I went to a yoga class. Classy dame Robyn took me to her favorite studio in Brooklyn, and we went to the Saturday morning basics class. It was only basic in the sense that it moved at a a moderate pace (compared with more advanced classes). Physically, it was still pretty intense. I had a couple of moments during a pattern of downward-dog-into-plank-position where I was trying to fight back the brightness and sweatiness I usually experience before I pass out. Luckily, the wonderful instructor was very mindful of when people might forget to breathe. Later, as Robyn effortlessly sprang into a backbend, I tried to do the same but couldn't even get my head off the ground. One step at a time. Especially for the next day or so, until my legs stop feeling like (awesome and toned) jelly.

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