Monday, April 30, 2007

New Thing #36: Shop Signs

I like to shop. I'm a girl, it's a given. But somehow, despite having lived in both New York and Los Angeles, I never became one of those self-spoiled shoppers who bit off more than she, her credit cards or her closets could chew. I have a wonderful sense of self-control and I rarely pay full price for anything, so I've never been in debt as a result of not being able to resist $400 dresses and $600 handbags. But there are people like that. A couple of weeks ago, when the venerable Kristina came over to let me cut her hair, she and Kevin and I watched one of those entertaining 'cautionary' shows on TLC, sandwiched beween design shows, about a woman whose crippling shopping habits had totalled over $600,000. It made me wonder if even the stuff I've wanted but never bought could total that much. As an experiment, I put together an online shopping cart worth $100,000. Picking the store was easy: Anthropologie. If I had any less financial sense than I do, I would probably have found a way by now to get my hands on their carved-wood armoires, silk duvets, upholstered Antwerp chairs and this-side-of-garish chandeliers. Not to mention their (obscenely overpriced) dresses, shoes and jewelry. Lucky for many of us, I'm neither insane nor addicted to shopping, so these fantasy finds will remain just that and will never see their way into my real life.
Actually doing this was a lot harder than I thought. Even by ordering multiple chairs exceeding $1G each and ordering multiples of chadeliers, shoes and rugs (for whom, I wonder? Some girly cult with outrageous taste in color?) I had to scramble to top $100,000. The upside? I have no desire to order anything on the internet, and the feeling could last a while. Aversion therapy, score!

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Sam said...

huh - that's an interesting thought! I have never tried to see how much I could possibly want to spend whilst keeping the credit card firmly locked away!!

I think that this is a variation on my little hobby of looking at houses on the web and wishing for a fabulous one, but most of the expensive ones are just too tacky for me!