Monday, April 2, 2007

New Thing #8: Dream Police

A few months ago, my magazine did a feature article on sleep, and a sidebar on napping. Specifically, power napping. At work. My workplace boasts a high number of couches, including one in an unoccupied office, but it would be sort of obvious if one were to go in there during work hours and shut the door. My office isn't big enough for a couch, but it does have a window seat. It also has a desk, and under the desk is floor. So, taking a cue from what's-his-face from that show, I closed my door and took a nap under my desk.

I guess it was pretty comfortable. I did have a little blue velvet pillow. But I got a little cold.

So I used my coat as a blanket.

See how sleepy I am?

20 minutes later, I woke up feeling completely refreshed. Well, not so much "refreshed" as "in dire need of caffeine," so I went downstairs and bought a Dr. Pepper. It's blurry.