Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Thing #38: I Carried a Watermelon

I woke up smiling cause I knew tonight was dirty dancing night
me: You have no idea how excited I was when I saw they were showing it. It was rereleased it right before my 20th birthday, and ALL I wanted to do for my bday was get everyone together and see Dirty Dancing on the big screen. My friends all bailed, so I went out with my family instead. And not to see DD.
Amanda: NO!!!!!
me: I get back to my dorm room, and my "ringleader" friend had left a message on my machine: "Hey Jen, we thought we'd all go see Dirty Dancing, but I guess you're not around. We'll let you know how it was."
you have a free ticket tonight!
What goes around comes back around!
me: you are awesome.
this will be my New Thing today.
Amanda: YAY
I made it!
me: yes you did! There will be callouts and links and everything.
Amanda: I actually thought "hmmm I have to give jen something"
but this wasn't it
me: it is now!
This was magic. Just me, Amanda and 200 stranger ladies (and about 5 guys) cheering and singing and quoting the lines to one of the very best movies of the 80s that I had never had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen. I realized that I've never even seen the whole movie in one sitting; I've never owned it, and any time it's on tv, I usually miss a chunk of it. Seeing it uninterrupted and unsegmented in an actual theatre was AMAZING, especially in a giant I-Max style Times Square theatre.
Taking any actual video would have been impolite. Here's audio (encased in video, since I haven't taught myself to extract audio yet) of the audience reaction to what I'm going to graciously assume is everybody's favorite part (note the audience's quivery anticipation of The Line):

(Please note what sounds like a sound-effects punch right after "she taught me," at about :12)

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Faith33 said...

Hi Jen,
I like many others came across your blog within the last week or so and am reading back the way, here and there, when I have some free time.

Your blog really makes me think about all of the fun stuff that I have done since my epiphany just before I turned 29. It was after that when so many changes happened - mainly trying lots of new things, and my palette expanded greatly as well. None of it really came with any planning, but more by flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. (I admire your planning of it though, and now you have a log that you can look back on too!)

When I turned 30 a few months ago, the biggest impact was that I couldn't say that I was 20-anything anymore!
You'll also be happy to know that the new things didn't stop. :)
For instance, even tonight, I am checking out a live taping of an Improv Comedy stint tonight because I happened upon some free tickets!

When I got to this post, I thought I would actually interact with you by letting you know about something that is coming to my city soon, and will be touring the US next Spring:

Before I go, I think I will add a new thing idea too. (I don't know if you have already done it or not as I still have 37 more days to read - so, sorry if it's a repeat!)
Something I have always wanted to try - Rappelling or Ziplining. I kind of did a little rapelling when I tried rock climbing a number of years back and that was fun - but, if you have a place to rappel(l?) down into a cave or something, that would be pretty amazing too!

Oh, and on that note:
bat watching in Prospect Park - might be a fun Hallowe'en thing! :)

(sorry for the novel!) :)
The End.