Friday, May 4, 2007

New Thing #40: Si ves algo, di algo!

On Monday night, I had dinner with one long-lostish friend, and went to see a show starring another long-lostish friend. While attempting to take the subway home from the show, I realized I didn't have the 30-day Metrocard I had purchased just two days earlier and concluded that it must have fallen out of my back pocket. My train was coming, it was getting late and I didn't want to risk getting stuck with a local A all the way uptown, so I very quickly bought a new unlimited 30-day card and thought nothing of it except, "great, there goes another $76."
Oh, but wait!
Last night on the way home from a Blue Man show, I was reminded by a friendly MTA ad that if my Metrocard is lost or stolen, and it was purchased using a credit card, I can get the balance refunded!
So this morning I had the MTA refund the pro-rated balance on my 30-day unlimited Metrocard. I've lost these cards before, but usually with only a day or two to go, when the card had already paid for itself, and its loss was due to my own stupidity. I didn't even ask for a refund on the unlimited 30-day card I bought on September 10, 2001 and had to abandon when I evacuated my apartment the next day (I don't even know if the program was in place back then). My company does reimburse me with tax-free dollars for that $76, and only once a month, stupidity and pocket falling notwithstanding.

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