Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Thing #42: Roller Boaster

Ow. I did another thing that made me hurt. And not in the powerful, strong way yoga did. As part of sassy pal Eliza's brithday festivities, I rode the Cyclone at Coney Island. It's a wooden roller coaster that's about 322* years old, and while it's kept in perfect running condition, it's hardly the pinnacle of comfortable riding. I sort of barrelled onto the ride without admitting how scared I was; I don't like high, fast, non-Disneyland rides, but to acknowledge that would have meant missing out. Pain, fear and nightmarish visions behind closed eyes aside, I'm really glad I did it. I didn't open my eyes the entire time, and wasn't sure whether I'd better hold on to the bar, my purse or Kevin's arm. I either held on to all three, or none. I don't really remember. During one drop, it sort of felt like my spine had splintered, and during another like my sternum had cracked open to reveal a porthole to hades. I'm being dramatic, of course, but seriously, ow! There were signs with warnings, like do not ride if you "have had surgery" or "are pregnant" or "suffer from heart problems," or "have had bone breaks." There was no warning not to ride of you "are essentially a human rattle because you have next to no natural padding."

The ride:
The reaction:
The dude with the birdie and the snakie:

*or, okay, 80. Like, exactly 80 this year! And it's an actual historical landmark!

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Erika said...

For me riding the Cyclone is very much like what I imagine being in an abusive relationship is like. . . you get on, ride around getting really beat up in the process then the guy comes around and asks if you want to ride again for only $5 and you don't want to get off. Maybe next time it will be better. . .

I love the Cyclone. Don't judge! You don't know what it's like when we're alone!!!