Monday, May 7, 2007

New Thing #43: Horse Sense

Last week, big boss's assistant announced the annual office Kentucky Derby pool, wherein everyone who wants to throws in a buck and draws a random horse name. I like this more than football pools or even Oscar pools, which require some sort of strategy and knowledge of the subject. Picking up a random piece of paper? I can do that! My slip of paper had a little picture of a cartoon jockey next to the name "Street Sense." I commented that it was a cute moniker, tossed the slip onto my desk and forgot about it all weekend. This morning, I got an email from the assistant telling me that Street Sense had totally won! And so had I! I won $28 in a Kentucky Derby pool and used most of it to buy everyone donuts, as is the tradition here.
The cashier at Dunkin Donuts may be wondering if I'm a stri pper:
My cell phone camera would like you to believe that the world is tinted a sickish green:

In about a month, I will be buying donuts again to celebrate another money win. One that we'll all watch on tv. Until today, I thought I'd be able to use that as a New Thing. I'll have to find another way to nonchalantly describe the newness of that day. If you don't know me, this has been the most confusing addendum to a post ever.

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