Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Thing #44: The Queen of Queens

In March, I moved from the Upper East Side, where I had lived for three and a half years, to the wayyyyy Upper West Side. My roommate/cousin/buddylady, Cat, moved to Queens. It only took us a month and a half, but finally this week we made it to each other's apartments. Last night, Cat and I had dinner with our Kevins in myKevin's and my hood after a tour of the apartment. Tonight, I went to visit Cat and herKevin in Queens, where she fed me cookies and then the two of us had dinner in an Italian restaurant where the waiter poured water all over the table and enlisted us to move stuff around while he very efficiently changed the paper part of the table cloth. After living together for over four years, the novelty of visiting each other in different apartments was rather acute. I now know how adopted puppies, separated siblings or, like, drumsticks that started out on the same chicken but ended up on different dinner plates feel when they visit each other's apartments. The apartment was fun and homey and situated in a great neighborhoody neighborhood, and the Italian place nearby was ambient and well-staffed with klutzy but polite waiters in vests and ties who didn't care that we were both in jeans.


A lady!

Another lady!

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