Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Thing #45: Buy buy buy

I'm not sure if today's New Thing actually panned out the way I intended, but I'll give those involved the benefit of the doubt and assume it did. Maddy and I had a quick pre-ETV rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in Chelsea, where I decided I would pay someone else's tab. When the waiter returned with the credit card, I handed him a $20 and tried to explain what I was doing. You can't really tell (or hear me) in the video, but he actually put the $20 back on the table, as if he were trying to politely refuse what he thought was a large tip. I told him again to pay for the dinner of the next person who asked for a check. We think he did. We'll assume he did. If not, I gave a hard-working guy a big tip, which is ok too.

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