Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Thing #48: It's Not Easy Being Dinner

This suggestion came from my sister, and at first I just highlighted it and set it aside as "something I might do later, maybe, I guess." Tonight Kevin and I saw a great jazz show in Chelsea and headed to dinner afterwards at Chan Penn. I had a New Thing planned for on the way home, but at dinner, a very interesting opportunity presented itself. After seeing on the menu that I could order them, I ate frogs' legs. While they were longer, skinnier and webbedier than such, they really did taste like chicken. Even when, as I was in the middle of my first bite, Kevin started singing "The Rainbow Connection." I had to remind myself that my beloved Kermit is GREEN FELT and not a real frog. After all, we both eat chicken, and neither of us ever feels guilty about murdering Camilla.

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Kathleen said...

I wonder why they don't put entire FROGS on menus. Why just the legs? Does the body get bloated or does it just gross people out to see Slimy McSlimersons sitting lifelessly as though the plate were a lilypad? I wonder what frog TONGUE would taste like. Would it be coiled up like a lollipop or stretched out? Discuss.