Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Thing #49: Wurker!

It seems preposterous that despite being both a New Yorker and under the age of 40, I have never bought any furniture from Ikea. I've lived with people who have, and I've even owned furniture handed down by other people who have. I bought my desk and dresser from Gothic Cabinet Craft, and both have served me well. The fact that they were assembled by other people served me especially well. I figure it's just a rite of passage to assemble your own furniture, but like most of life's other rites of passages, I'm getting around to it late. So today I bought furniture from Ikea and assembled it. Kevin built the intricate, foldy-slidy dining room table, but I totally made the chair by myself (except for one brief moment when Kevin had to help me reposition the cushion. Baby steps). I still have three chairs, a bookshelf and an entertainment console to go, but it's a start!

My chair totally holds a boy! I must have done it right!

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