Monday, May 14, 2007

New Thing #50: Knife Try

I have a set of really nice steak knives. My mom gave them to me in college and I've used them for pretty much every meal I've eaten in the last seven years- chicken, turkey, mac and cheese, cake, root beer floats, pickles, Peeps, milk, jellybeans and, fine, steak. They've been like friends. Friends who muscle their way through an overcooked ribeye, who feed me cereal when I'm out of spoons and who occasionally make me bleed at the fingertips.
I saw no reason not to use them for tonight's (attempt at a) New Thing. So when I (tried really hard to) cut the peel off an apple in only one long, curly, flawless slice (and totally couldn't do it but eventually got the idea but by that time I had run out of apples), I didn't even think twice about what to use.
I bought three apples because I was sure I wouldn't be able to do it on the first try but foolishly thought it would take no more than three tries. It took at least four. I say that because while on the first two apples I segmented the peels like worms and they broke off in sections, by the time I got to the last apple I realized that you have to take longer cuts deeper under the surface. I also realized that really nice steak knives are absolutely totally wrong for this task. I'm wondering whether there's some sort of Apple Knife my mom hasn't given me yet. It's probably long and flat and slightly curved and coated with a special kind of glue that keeps the peel from falling apart. That would be nice.


Anonymous said...

In general, paring knives are most appropriate for apple peeling.

Ketutar said...

I started reading your blog yesterday and I haven't come any further than this.
The secret is to use a sharp knife, any shape, size and form is ok, and take it smooth and calm and patiently, not to hurry, and not to take big chunks of the apple. :-D