Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Thing #51: I am what I tram

When I lived on the Upper East side, I would walk over to Carl Schurz park to sit on the benches along the East River, read on the lawn, shoot goofydorable pics with the Pearl Brunswick girls, smooch my boyfriend and watch fireworks. Always there out of the corner of my eye was the northernmost tip of Roosevelt Island, a mysterious land in that weird netherrealm between Manhattan and Queens. I know three people who have lived there. One of them loathed it, but I still had to check the place out for myself. So today I took the tram to and from Roosevelt Island and I did some sightseeing in between. What a strange place! It's oddly towny and remote for a place that's just a few hundred feet from two giant boroughs. There's lots of construction under way right now, at the tram station and on several gigantic condo buildings. I took the red bus a few stops north, but not all the way to the lighthouse (sorry, Amanda!). I walked back to the tram station from wherever it was I got off the bus. It was slightly creepy; After getting off the tram/bus/subway, people who live on Roos Island seem to just disappear. Nobody really hangs out outside. And it was totally beautiful today! I don't get it! I don't like hanging out in deserted areas, so I didn't stay very long.
Here's what the place looks like, from the tram to the walk and back to the tram:

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