Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Thing #53: Coffee break dance

You know how you totally wish your office were a disco, but it totally isn't, and if you want to have people over to dance, you have to cram into the space behind your desk and just sort of dance in place? I do! This is because I had a dance party in my office, during which I danced on my desk. And my boss never busted us. Because she was totally there.

(Thanks to Amy, Doug, Jenn, Alina, Sharon, Adam, Grace and videographer Alex)


Maddy said...

Yay! That was so awesome.

Sharon said...

Loved being a part of this high energy moment! The office is still reverberating! Thank you Jen.

Feminist Housewife said...

Okay, I think this one ties Peep experiments for my favorite thus far!

Love your blog - the whole thing is such a fun idea :-)

Nasa said...

I have got to try this at the office!