Friday, May 18, 2007

New Thing #54: Itchy and Scratchy

A couple of days before my birthday, Kevin and I went to a party hosted by one of his clients at the Meadowlands. The client really went all out: they had gender-specific gift bags, a buffet dinner and dessert bar, as well as an envelope with a pre-paid $5 bet (Kevin's yielded $60!) and a free cheesy lottery scratcher game. While I showed absolutely no knack for gambling on horses (despite also having been given an in-depth program with stats and reviews and analyses for each horse, dating back five years), I did show an incredible knack for using a quarter to scratch the gunk off the "Amazing 8s" scratcher. It turned out to be worth $20! And it was the first scratcher I've ever scratched! I had it rattling around in my wallet for nearly two months, and I really didn't have any plans to cash it in. So today I gave the scratcher to a homeless guy. I hastily explained that it wasn't trash, that it was worth $20 and he just had to bring it into any store with Lottery and they'd cash it. He asked me to repeat myself, then swore at me, but he was smiling, so I'm guessing the swear was meant as a compliment. I hope.

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