Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Thing #55: Pretty! Pony!

When I was 11, I saved months of baby-sitting money to buy my very own Double Dare box game. It was kind of the coolest thing ever, at least in my terribly uncool 11-year-old mind. I played the game full-out a couple of times with my family, but mostly I took the physical challenge games to theatre camp and wore the plastic basket on my head at lunch break so I could show everybody how good I was at using it to catching a foam ball.
That was the only thing I can really remember saving up for and buying as a kid- after that, it seemed less gratifying to blow a whole pink leather wallet's worth of cash on just one thing. A few months ago, a couple of different friends blogged about how they each saved to buy My Little Ponies. Having been a Cabbage Patch Girl myself, I wasn't so into the Ponies. I thought they were neat and i would pay with them at friends' houses, but that was the extent of it. And I sort of regretted it. So today I bought myself a My Little Pony. I waded through all the Deluxe Sets and Variety packs offered in the unlabeled 80s Nostalgia section at Toys R Us and found an uncomplicated, un saddled-and-castled solitary pony.
The pony's given name is Dream Blue. I changed it to Baloney.

This from the back of Baloney's box: [Baloney] always writes down her dreams in a special journal. One time she dreamed that she was stuck inside a chocolate factory! That dream was so nice, she didn't want to wake up!
You and me both, Baloney.

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Kathleen said...

Dude, Double Dare was freakin' AWESOME.