Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Thing #58: Atticus Had a Point

Today's New Thing idea was completely brilliant. I can't take credit for it; I can't even properly thank the person who can! Kind stranger Inna made this suggestion on the suggestion page. It was so simple and awesome that when I mentioned it to coworker Alina, she immediately agreed to get involved. Alina and I both have very large feet, so I borrowed her size 9 sandals and I walked a mile in someone else's shoes. Actually, it was a bit over a mile. I walked from work to Columbus Circle, which works out to 25 blocks and change (a mile is 20 blocks) then from the subway home, in pretty gold sandals, which I test-drove earlier in the day when I went to get a pedicure.
I went from wearing these:
to wearing these, exposing my skanky toenails,

to still wearing these, but exposing much lovelier toenails.
Alina's are good shoes to walk in! In addition to being a kick-ass writer, she's a tall, pretty former midwesterner turned sassy city wife and baby mama. She's also got her shoes well-trained; they didn't give up any secrets or reveal any embarassing moments. Perhaps it would have been another story if I'd borrowed her sneakers...


Kathleen said...

You have extraordinarily long toes. But they look very pretty.

Inna said...

yay! this is something i've always wanted to do also, but still have 6 years before my 29th birthday, so i'll shelf it for now :) glad i can vicariously live through your awesome blog! you've definitely given us some neat ideas to try... good luck with the rest of your new things.

Bethany said...


I've been getting lost in your world of doing something new everyday today. All I have to say is that I love your outlook on life, that you walked a mile in a friend's shoes, and that you at least make an honest attempt at the new (and often daring)!

I hope this has been (and continues to be) a fun and rewarding experience that will always make you remember the last year of your twenties!

Oh, and I'm sending a few people to take a look at this. :o)

From a fellow quirky girl,