Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Thing #59: Skinny on the Rocks

I haven't had alcohol in over a year. I got to a point where drinking bored me, and the people I now spend most of my time with either don't drink or don't care whether or not I drink. Plus, teetotaling is less expensive and leads to better conversations. All that aside, tonight I took an introductory bartending class at the New York Bartending School. It seems to be a really great place for people who actually want to become bartenders. It was a totally free class, and we still had the opportunity to get behind the counter. We learned to pour shots, mix highball drinks and cocktails, and use a soda shooter. I'd never done any of that before! At NYBS, all the bottles and the color of what's inside them are the real thing, but the liquid is water. The giggly chicks at the end of the room seemed disappointed. My favorite part was when the awesome instructor went around the room asking people what their favorite drinks were. I especially loved the double-takes I got when I gleefully shouted, "cranberry juice!"
(I couldn't get a photo of me in action. I really, really wanted one, but it seemed inappropriate)

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Angela said...

Cool! You can bartend our next Christmas party, b/c you know I'll be too drunk to do it! ;)