Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Thing #60: Donkey Tonk Woman

This one has been a long time coming. I registered to vote the year I turned 18, and I voted in my first election, the 1996 California primary, the day I turned 18. I hit the ground running into adulthood as a socially aware, politically active member of society. The only problem? I was a Republican. At the time, it made sense; my entire family was Republican, I went to conservative schools in conservative areas and didn't have a reason to question anything. Then I went to college, moved to New York, attended grad school, and got some perspective. I re-registered as Independent in time for the 2004 general election (mostly because as much as I refused to be Republican, I wasn't ready to become a full-on Democrat because Dean and Kerry were both a tiny bit creepy). I didn't vote in the primary earlier that year because I was still technically a Republican, but refused to vote for Bush, and you can't vote out-of-party in the primary. You also can't vote in your new party the same year you change your party. I didn't find that out until today, when an email I got from served as a gentle reminder that I need to change my party affiliation before next Spring's primary election. So today I registered to vote as a Democrat. I am now ready to head into the 2008 election season guilt-free and ready for change!


an old Democrat said...

I just hope you don't have to experience voting for a party that loses 12 years in a row.

Brian said...

THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING ONE YET. A little secret, I, too, was once a big fat ugly stinky Republican. All my family. Conservative area. Mix in the closet homosexual, but otherwise just like you. Now both my parents are registered Democrats. My brothers are much more moderate -- but still Republicans.

And I get to vote in the Democratic primaries, too. Aren't they like next week?

Maddy said...

Oh good now you can take that reminder from Obama and thank him by voting for John Edwards in the primary! Yay!

Ok, sorry.