Friday, May 25, 2007

New Thing #61: Call ME!

Today I took awesome college friend Brian's suggestion and went go see a Today Show summer concert. He suggested this on Monday, so I checked the schedule and guess who was on it? BLONDIE! I totally went to the Today show (which I'd never done before) and saw Blondie live! I met up with Louie and Kristina at the totally indecent hour of 6:30am, and we packed ourselves into the Today show concertcorral with a bunch of tourists and watched a 60-whatever woman rock it like she was in her 20s. Then I was off to spend an entire day with my parents, ending in dinner and the philharmonic with them and Kevin. (Update: I just now am uploading the video. I haven't been home much!)


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Have I told you how awesome you are? Very awesome!