Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Thing #63: Fancy Me

When I was freelancing at Scholastic, my route took me through trendy SoHo. One thing that constantly jumped out at me was the red awning and gothic mystique of Balthazar, about which I knew little more than that it was a fancy, expensive "scene" type of place that I usually avoided. But somehow it appealed to me more than superSUPER trendy places in the meatpacking district. Balthazar always seemed accessibly trendy, and I always wanted to eat there but never had cause to, until my parents started planning their trip to New York and my dad got one of the coveted Sunday brunch reservation spots. So today I had brunch at Balthazar.

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John Frusciante said...

I worked right around the corner from there for a year. The coffee in the little adjacent Balthazaar coffee shop is wonderful.