Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Thing #65: I Hardly Know Her!

Tonight I played online poker at Party Poker. I wish I could tell you how the game went, but I have no idea what I was doing, so I can't! I don't even care that much about being good at poker that I'm embarrassed that I didn't know what I was doing. I sincerely cannot tell you what went wrong, or right, or what the adorable poker nicknames for my hands were. It took me a while to even get into the groove of making the move I actually wanted to make; there were times when I accidentally checked when I meant to raise, and folded when I wanted to stay in. Since I played the free, not-real-money version, I had no motivation to actually do well. In fact, at one point I wanted to see just how ridiculous I could get, and how lucky I would have to be for my bad moves to not bankrupt me. I thought perhaps going all-in when I had a 2 and a 7 with a jack and a 10 and two fives on the table would throw of my virtual competitors and lead to a surprise victory for me. That, of course, did not happen. But here's a pretty picture of the table my virtual self sat at:

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