Friday, June 1, 2007

New Thing #68: tHe BistrO

Today's New Thing is something I will do again, because the person who suggested it wasn't available to do it today. And because it was fun and relaxing and awesome (and cathartic). But circumstances being what they were, I did this thing today with someone else. I had lunch in the HBO commissary. Well, I got my lunch there; I ate it outside in Bryant Park whilst getting misted with fountain water and gabbing with Amanda. I also got to meet kind reader Sophia, a coworker of Amanda's who has given me some great suggestions.
The caf, cleverly titled tHe BistrO, is nothing less than what you'd expect for a fancy cable tv office building. They had a sushi bar, sandwich bar, salad bar, a grill, and even an upscale fish-or-chicken section complete with mango salsa! I got the fish and chips, because I am a sucker for tartar sauce. (I don't have photos because it would have seemed obnoxious to be at someone else's workplace and run around with my camera like a tourist.)

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