Monday, June 4, 2007

New Thing #71: Viva la Resistahnce

Today's original plan fell through, because when I got to the place where it was supposed to happen, the building was closed. I was unphased, because the original plan was sort of boring, and because I happen to have a creative boyfriend with a lot of fun sci-tech gadgets.
So today I used a Digital Multimeter to measure the electrical resistance of batteries, myself, Kevin, and a length of wire. First I measured the voltage of the batteries from Kevin's smoke detector (which we knew worked because I had set it off earlier while toasting almonds on the stove). Two of them were strong, one with a voltage of 1.212 and the other 1.218, and one of them was slightly weaker, with .985 volts. For comparison, a battery when it's new is 1.5 volts.
Then we measured ourselves by gripping the ends of the wires attached to the multimeter (after Kevin assured me that this tool can't electrocute you). My voltage was 25 mV, Kevin's was 33 (apparently, the key factor in humans is flesh, and I'm not particularly ample in that area).
The last experiment was to see whether length between the two wires affected its resistance. Kevin measured out 75" of picture wire, which at its full length registered 1.1 ohms, and at half its length .5. A microphone impedance matching transformer registered 1.455 kilo ohms, and a quarter measured .1.

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