Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Thing #73: Nice to mitt you

Two years ago, I stopped blogging on the IRC and started my "regular" blog, How to Be a Person, here on blogspot*. Last year, I installed a statistics counter, mostly for fun (and a little bit to counterspy on my readers). On Sunday, How to Be a Person got its 15,000th view since the day I installed the counter. By doing a bit of detective work, I deduced that the 15,000th viewer was college friend, blogger and New Thing suggestor Brian. I made a comment on his blog joking that in honor of his landmark pageview, I would send him a free oven mitt (a business perk Navin Johnson used as a ruse in The Jerk.)
Well, I am a woman of my word.
Today I sent Brian a free oven mitt for being the 15,000th visitor to my blog. (Had I planned this out a little more, I wouldn't have immediately blabbed to Brian, and it would have been a surprise when he got it.) It couldn't just be an ordinary oven mitt, because Brian isn't an ordinary guy. I did a bit of research, and found what seemed like the perfect Brian-style oven mitt (and matching apron!). I realize that I'm writing this post as if Brian isn't going to read it, but since he's been one of this blog's biggest supporters, I'm pretty sure he is reading it. So Brian, if you would please not click on this link, I'd appreciate it (and I'll know if you do!). I really want to show everybody else what you're getting, and I want there to still be an element of surprise for you.

*Blogspot's spellcheck doesn't recognize this word!

1 comment:

Brian said...

I didn't click on the link and I am VERY VERY excited! Ironically, this would be the second oven mitt gift I've gotten this year. Last November, my roommate threw away my oven mitts and she felt compelled to replace them... but she only bought one, that she liked a lot, and I think is planning on keeping when we no longer live together.... BOOO!

YAY to my very own oven mitt!