Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Thing #79: Jenderella

This is something everyone should do! It's aerobic and effective, not to mention humbling. After oticing that my bathroom floor, despite my every-other-daily Swiffering, could stand some TLC, I cleaned my bathroom floor with a toothbrush. My bathroom isn't humongous, so it only took a little more than half an hour. I spent part of that time listening to the penultimate episode of The Sopranos until I realized I really shouldn't miss anything if I wanted to be able to fully appreciate the final episode*, so I took a break and resumed my adorable chore when the show was over. There's something about the smallness of a toothbrush that let me focus on details the way I can't when I just give the floor a once-over with a Swiffer wet (I had to use a dry Swiffer before I started because as attentive as I was, I would need a giant toothbrush to get up all the hair I shed). There were a couple of splots on the floor from the egg-guacamole hair treatment in addition to toothpaste-and-soap related bathroom detritus. But now? Gone!

* Underwhelming. I could have kept cleaning.

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