Monday, June 11, 2007

New Thing #78: Knitty girl

This is something several of my friends have tried getting me to do for years, but which I outright refused to do, mostly because I thought it was funny. When Cat taught me to knit 5 years ago, she stuck with the basics with me: cast-on, knit-stitches, cast-off. The next step would have been purling, which I refused to do for really no other reason than humorous defiance. But today, at the suggestion of Angela, my bff and knitting wonderwoman, I learned how to purl. All it is, said my knitter friends, is the knit stitch in reverse. And not that I thought they weren't, but yes, my friends were right. And it's not hard, they were right about that too. I hadn't picked up knitting needles in over two years before tonight, and I can't bring myself to knit when it's warm. So perhaps in the fall, should I decide to get back into knitting, I'll have some fabulous ribbed scarves to show off!


Anonymous said...

what a funny pic of you! rock on!

Anonymous said...

what a great pic!
Rock on!


Anonymous said...

sorry for the multiple postings.


Eliza said...

I honestly never thought it would happen. I am taken aback!

angela said...

Congrats! You finally did it!

I'm so proud!

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

It's fall...are you going to be starting any projects? Maybe knit and or purl something for [url=]Warm Up America[/url]? =)