Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Thing #80: Meauty Queens

New Yorkers are familiar with the scenario: 100 people crammed into the same space, sitting and standing side-by-side, yet none of them are speaking. It happens every time we commute. But what if 100 people were crammed into the same space, sitting and standing side-by-side... in a bar? I got the answer to that tonight when Maddy and I attended a quiet party. MJC sent me the info about this, and Maddy and I attended out of curiosity (though Maddy didn't know it until about a minute before we got there because I thought it would be an interesting surprise). We actually stayed for about 30 seconds before we left, got dinner and returned an hour later, by which time the place was hoppin'. Silently. People were clustered at the bar and couches and tables the way they usually would be, except that nobody was speaking and everybody was instead writing their conversations on index cards that they passed back and forth. As a novelty, the party was interesting and fun. As a social event, it was discomforting. I don't think I'd go again without Kevin or perhaps a large group of friends, but as a one-time thing it was interesting and, more importantly, New. (I am still taking suggestions!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I'd enjoy trying... at least once :-) I truly need to visit NYC... been wanting to for years, but just haven't done it yet. Ah well... someday :-) Love your blogs - I check them every morning!
~Ohio Buckeye Chick~

Kirk said...

I went to one of these when I first moved to NYC. It was a li'l weird, but I fell in with a duo of girls and we had a lot of fun... until a creepy old man joined our table.

We're still together.

Maddy said...

One thing I like about it was I could tell people my name not my nickname and no one repsonded, "Natalie?"

Also, I like when you handed me the steno pad outside the party and I said, "It's a journalist party?" I am a maroon.

Kathleen said...

That. Is. Weird.