Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Thing #81: Ball Bearing

In 2003, somebody I worked with gave me a bowling ball. I have no idea why he had it, but I took it. I kept it on my desk, where it once provided some long-lasting inspiration*. I left that job in 2004, and the bowling ball was so heavy I had to take it home in a cab. It sat on the floor of my bedroom until early 2005, when I moved and had the moving men take it to the new place. Then it sat on the floor of my living room until last March, when I moved again and had the moving men take it to the new place. Again. A couple of months ago, an improvisor I know asked if he could use it for a film shoot. The shoot got pushed back, but I figured that it's always useful to have a bowling ball in your midtown office, so today I carried my bowling ball to work. I lugged all 15 pounds of it from my apartment, to the subway, down 34th street and up to my 21st floor office, where it now resides on my windowseat.



Glennis said...

Aw! The ball the launched a thousand shows!*

*Well, at least 20 or 30, right?

Lynn said...

Aww! A thousand precious shows!*


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh, it says The Pearl Brunswick!

Jerell said...

Best thing about carrying a bowling ball, no one will mug you.


ball bearing turbo said...

I have the brunswick twisted fury.. not as great as your but Brunswick nailed this one. I think they hit a ball reaction home run on this one. This is a just what I think most league bowlers want out of a ball and even higher end players will love this reaction.

I started with this ball in league and was determined to use it as long as I could, that proved to be a non-issue with my ball reaction. In the start of the night on our THS (typical house shot) we had plenty of reaction overall. The ball was clean and predictable in the front part of the lane. As it started to read friction in the mid-lane, it handled it really well with a strong ball motion and just continued that into the backends. Overall it hit as hard as any other ball I have thrown this season.

Overall my moves were small all night and most of them were more for carry reasons than ball reaction. Towards the middle of the third game I could have made a ball change but at this point in the night I figured I would finish out with it. I must have under estimated how much this ball likes friction because as the dried out this ball just ate it up and hooked more but stayed predictable.

You can be sure that I will have another Twisted as soon as I can drilled a little weaker for later in the night.

By the way if you wanted a straight up comparison to the Fury Pearl, the Twisted was a little less but in a very good way. I saw a much more predictable and controllable movement and a more desired ball reaction for myself. Not taking anything away from the great ball the Fury and Fury Pearl are but this ball is hot.