Friday, June 15, 2007

New Thing #82: Stashio

Tonight I had dinner with Lynn and Katina. We hadn't all seen each other in a while, and we have a project coming up, so we met up for Ethiopian food at Awash in the East Village. A longtime 'opian fan, I am always touting the wonder of this amazing cuisine. Lynn had only had it once, and Katina had never had it, so it was fun to introduce her to the wonderful world of injera, tibs wat and eating with your hands.

I should probably mention that I wore a moustache all night.


Anonymous said...

how do you think of these things :)


Kathleen said...

Hey, some women wear mustaches their whole life... My nem iz Jennifer Clouseau, do you have a hreum?

Anonymous said...

Luv the 'stache LOL

~Ohio Buckeye Chick~