Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Thing #84: Ant Bee

Sometimes, new things need to be little. Particularly on a day when I've stuffed myself so full of steak, chicken, corn, salad and tortilla chips that I all I really want to do is have someone roll me around the backyard in a wheelbarrow (which aside from the specific location would not actually be a new thing). So today, after gorging on summer culinary wonders in Connecticut, I sat on a rock in the middle of the front yard and watched two ants carry a bee carcass across a pile of wood chips. I must have stared at them for half an hour, while Kevin built a pagoda out of wood chips. Ants are amazing creatures, but for some reason I've never really sat and watched them before. To sit and watch them haul something so much bigger than they was pretty inspiring.And wood chips are not easy to navigate; they had to keep turning around and trying a new route, just to get from one piece to the next. If I had known exactly where they were going, I might have helped them out. On second thought, maybe I wouldn't have.

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