Monday, June 18, 2007

New Thing #85: Define Intervention

As is the case with most modern pop-culture staples, I was late getting on the Wikipedia band wagon. I love information and minutiae and trivia, but I think it was the DIY aspect of Wikipedia that kept me at bay for so long. How could I trust the authenticity of the information? How do I know people aren't adding false information to be hilarious? When I got tapped to be on Millionaire in November, I suddenly started gorging on the site, and a couple of people helped with my info-binge by sending me random entries about random things I ought to know. After I taped the show, I saw Wiki more as a viable entity and less as a platform for people to mess with each other. Today I proved my faith in the system and I started an entry on Wikipedia. There's not much I know about that has never been entered before, so I wrote about what I did know.

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Anonymous said...

When can we see you on Millionaire? Date? Time? Hope you did well :)